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Tributo hecho con el motor Unity que recrea el famoso juego de Konami, cancelado recientemente por problemas entre Hideo Kojima y la propia Konami. Link de d With Konami's removal of Silent Hills' Playable Trailer known as 'P.T.' from the PlayStation Store, fans decide to remake it on PC, with one using Unreal Engine 4. PC Gamer is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Silent Hills' P.T. teaser is now playable on PC thanks to fan remakes New update for "Unreal PT" (Silent Hill PT remake) ver.1.0.7 that fixes the weird fish eye distortion/warping!! NOTE: make sure to download version 1.0.7 https: So what you're saying is that the demo I really wanted to play but never got a chance to is not only available on PC, but VR ready? What a time to be alive man. level 2

PC/Mac/Linux Society; the playable teaser for Silent Hills, PT, (no easy feat at the time) revealed it to be a teaser for a new Silent Hill game called Silent Hills.

Could we soon be seeing another Silent Hill game very soon? It's being reported that Konami has filed for a trademark for Silent Hill in Canada.

Aktualizace: Konami konečně promluvilo ohledně zrušení Silent Hills. Hra byla oznámena loni v srpnu na Gamescomu v Kolíně nad Rýnem

tribute to the Silent Hill P.T. game is available to download for free on the PC The new 'Playable Teaser' game, released by Artur Łączkowski, is available to  31 Oct 2019 Called P.T. (playable teaser), the demo was released for the PlayStation 4 in P.T. right at the end, when it reveals the connection to Silent Hill.

It’s been five years, to the day, since P.T. was released. The ‘playable teaser’ was intended to stoke the fears of fans, but it wasn’t clear just which fans they might be.

4 Jan 2019 Hobbyists resurrect Kojima's “lost” game P.T. as a free PC download Roughly a year after Konami released P.T., a free "Silent Hills teaser" experience Ever since, the only way to play through this eerie, atmospheric horror  5 Jan 2019 PT (AKA Playable Teaser) surprise-launched during Sony's Gamescom a teaser for a brand-new entry in Konami's long-neglected Silent Hill  29 Sep 2019 YouTuber Lance McDonald continues to unearth horrifying secrets in P.T., the playable teaser for the canceled Silent Hills. A few weeks after  13 Aug 2019 The playable teaser for Silent Hills was released on PS4 in 2014. Known as P.T. On your Windows PC. Download SUWI For more information on the download, head to and read the notes. This method will only  We've seen a PS4 Testkit Running PT, Playable Teaser PS4 Model Data / Textures, P.T. P.T. PS4 Retail Demo and although Silent Hills was cancelled with Sony removing P.T. from the PlayStation Store Download: Unreal (633 MB) 5 Jan 2019 Meant to serve as an interactive teaser for an upcoming Silent Hills Del Toro, the playable demo featured an assortment of “looping” puzzles a highly-polished fan remake available on both PC and VR headsets. Unreal P.T. is available for download free over at

Silent Hill is set in the series' eponymous fictional American town. The series is heavily influenced by the literary genre of psychological horror, with its player characters being mostly "everymen".

2 Oct 2019 P.T., which stands for 'Playable Teaser', was meant to be a demo for Silent Hills, the digital ether: you can no longer download it onto your PlayStation version that made it to PC, where it powered Ground Zeroes and The  10 Jan 2019 If you haven't downloaded and plan to play it, grab it quick before yet another PT”), you won't need a super-powerful PC or laptop in order to play it. P.T. was originally intended to be a short teaser demo (or “Playable Trailer,” get it?) for a now-canceled game called Silent Hills from Konami, which was at